3 Stocks You Need to Cultivate for AgriTech's Rise

March 6, 2023
By The Investing Insider Staff

Let's take a break from the bustling world of tech and venture into the tranquil realm of agriculture.

But don't be fooled, because we're not just talking about tilling the soil the old-fashioned way; we're about to explore the dynamic and innovative world of AgriTech, or Agricultural Technology.

You might be scratching your head, wondering, "What has AgriTech got to do with my investment strategy?" Well, prepare for a fascinating journey into how technology is reshaping agriculture, and why this matters to you as an investor.

AgriTech is all about utilizing cutting-edge technology to make farming more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. Imagine drones monitoring crop health, IoT devices optimizing irrigation, or AI algorithms predicting the best time to harvest. As the global population soars and demands more food, AgriTech is becoming an increasingly important player.

According to a report by Market Data Forecast, the global AgriTech market could reach a bountiful $46.38 billion by 2030. That's an opportunity ripe for the picking for investors who know where to look.

So, how do you tap into this flourishing sector? Here's a rundown of some top AgriTech stocks that are worth exploring:

1) Zoetis Inc. (ZTS)

Zoetis stands as a worldwide forerunner in delivering health solutions for animals. The firm capitalizes on advanced technology to forge pioneering products and services for both livestock and pets, a critical element of sustainable farming practices. Their dedication to animal health and welfare, complemented by their tech-centric methodology, positions them as a captivating contender in the AgriTech sector.

For the fiscal period of 2022, Zoetis Inc. (ZTS) unveiled its financial report, showcasing earnings of $4.49 per share and a notable revenue generation of $8.08 billion. This performance demonstrated a year-over-year profit rise of roughly 3.8%, bolstered by a similar 3.9% growth in its revenue. In addition, the company's profit margins indicate a solid financial health: a gross margin at 69.7%, an EBITDA margin standing at 41.2%, and a net margin clocking in at 26.2%.

The compelling performance of Zoetis was primarily fueled by the robust expansion in its animal health division. Looking forward, Zoetis anticipates further growth in its animal health sector. The firm is channeling investments into fresh products and cutting-edge technologies while broadening its territorial footprint. Zoetis is also poised to gain from the rising demand for animal health products and services in burgeoning markets. Overall, the fiscal 2022 results of Zoetis were impressive. We maintain that Zoetis is optimally positioned for sustained growth in the forthcoming years.

2) Deere & Company (DE)

John Deere is a recognized name in the realm of agriculture. However, their scope extends beyond the production of tractors and harvesters; they're leading the charge in AgriTech, introducing breakthroughs in self-guided machinery, precision agriculture, and sophisticated sensors. Deere's dedication to incorporating technology into their offerings renders them a robust choice for exposure to the AgriTech industry.

In the fiscal year 2022, Deere & Company (DE) exhibited impressive financial outcomes, with net earnings reaching $7.13 billion, marking a 19% rise from the prior year. Concurrently, net sales and revenues observed a 19% growth, touching $52.56 billion. These exceptional results were propelled by robust demand for their agricultural and construction equipment, coupled with elevated pricing.

Aiding Deere's financial performance was favorable pricing. The firm's average selling prices for agricultural machinery rose by 14% in the fiscal year 2022, and its average selling prices for construction equipment saw a 12% increase.

Looking ahead, Deere is optimally situated for sustained expansion. The firm is reaping the benefits of strong demand for its products across both the agricultural and construction sectors. Furthermore, Deere's investment in novel technologies, such as precision farming and autonomous machinery, will bolster its leading stance in these markets.

3) Trimble Inc. (TRMB)

Trimble is a significant force within the AgriTech sector, providing cutting-edge technological solutions to aid farmers. Their portfolio includes GPS technology, drones, data analytics instruments, and software platforms designed to optimize agricultural processes. Trimble's comprehensive product offering, coupled with their commitment to innovation, positions them as a compelling option for investors.

Trimble Inc. (TRMB) announced robust financial results for the fiscal year concluding on December 31, 2022. The company saw a year-over-year revenue surge of 7%, amounting to $3.7 billion, fuelled by organic growth across its three central business areas: construction, agriculture, and geospatial. Operating income experienced a 10% rise, reaching $510.9 million, while net income saw a 9% increase to $449.7 million. Earnings per share were reported at $1.80, marking an 8% increase from the previous year.

Looking forward, Trimble appears primed for sustained expansion. The company is enjoying strong demand for its products and services across all its core markets. Furthermore, Trimble's investments in emerging technologies, such as autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence, are set to bolster its dominant stance in these markets.

-Investing Insider Staff
This article is informational purposes only and is not investment advice.  See full disclaimer here
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