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These Terms of Service (the “Terms”), together with our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and the other documents referenced and linked below (collectively, the “Agreement”), describe your rights and responsibilities as a user (“User”) of the investinginsider.com website (“Site”) and related services (the “Services”) offered by Investing Insider Publishing Ltd., its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Investing Insider”). In this Agreement, the terms “we”, “our” and “us” refer to Investing Insider and the terms “you” and “your” refer to a User.




By using our Site and Services, you understand and acknowledge that your use of the Site and Services is governed by the Investing Insider Privacy Policy, which you have read and understand, and to which you agree. You consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information by us and/or third parties in accordance with the terms of and for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy.  In addition, you also agree that your use of the Site and Services will also be subject to such other policies and procedures as may be conveyed to you by us from time to time, including via the Site or Services.


Some of areas of our Site or our Services may permit or require you to create an account to participate, receive content or obtain additional benefits, while other Services are only available for a fee, as further described in Section 3 below.  If you create an account for our Site or any of our Services, you agree:

  • that your account and password are personal to you and may not be used by anyone else to access our Site, Services or the Materials;
  • to provide and maintain accurate, current and complete information about yourself, including contact information; and
  • not to impersonate, or misrepresent your connection with, any person, including using another person’s username, name, likeness or account information or provide false details on behalf of a parent or guardian.

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account login-in and password and for all activities that occur under your account.  You must immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your account.  We will not be liable for any loss or damage that you may incur as a result of someone else using your account, either with or without your knowledge. However, you may be held liable for losses or damage incurred by us or another party due to someone else using your account. You may not permit any other person to use your account, or use anyone else’s account, at any time. 

We reserve the right not to accept your user account application or to terminate your account holder status at any time if you breach the Agreement or if you no longer meet our user registration criteria.



Subscriptions, Fees And Payments

Certain Services, including without limitation your use of our Site and its contents, are made available to Users only on a subscription basis (the “Paid Services”). As consideration for the Paid Services you purchase, you agree to promptly pay Investing Insider all applicable prices and fees (collectively, the “Fees”) as designated in the related order process, with such Fees subject to change as provided in this Agreement. All Fees are due immediately or upon ordering and are non-refundable, except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, as required by applicable law, or as such Fees are billed by us under an invoice or order confirmation for Paid Services issued to you that expressly permits payment within thirty (30) days (or other time period if so expressly provided) after we have sent you such invoice or order confirmation.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to change or modify the Fees, charges or other conditions for use of the Paid Services upon reasonable notice to you. You are responsible for the payment of, and accordingly agree to promptly pay, all applicable taxes (other than based on Investing Insider income) relating to the Paid Services or payments made by you hereunder including, but not limited to, sales tax, use tax, value added tax, and other taxes and governmental charges, whether federal, state or foreign as well as all duties and charges on your payment for the purchase of Paid Services arising from any Fees. All payments of Fees shall be made in U.S. dollars. Taxes will be calculated based on where you receive services determined by your user account address. All taxes charged will be reflected in your invoice upon payment.

Our transaction processing is supported only in U.S. dollars and the pricing displayed during the checkout process will be an estimated conversion price at the time of purchase. If the currency of your bank or credit card account is not in U.S. dollars, you may be charged exchange rate conversion fees by your bank or credit card company. In addition, due to time differences between: (i) the time you complete the checkout process; (ii) the time the transaction is processed; and (iii) the time the transaction posts to your bank or credit card, the conversion rates may fluctuate and we make no representations or warranties that: (a) the amount submitted to your bank or credit card for payment will be the same amount that is posted to your bank or credit card statement or (b) the estimated conversion price will be the same as either the amount processed or the amount posted to your bank or credit card statement, and you agree to waive any and all claims against Investing Insider based upon such discrepancies (including any and all claims for a refund based on the foregoing). You acknowledge and agree that you may be charged value added tax or similar tax based on the country indicated in your user account’s address information associated with your account.

Unless otherwise stipulated in the related order process, payment for the Paid Services are to be made via a charge to your credit card, bank account, or other payment methods we deem acceptable that you provide to us (the “Payment Account”). You are solely and absolutely responsible for any information related to the Payment Account that you provide to Investing Insider and must promptly inform us of any changes or updates to the method of payment. By submitting an order to purchase a Paid Service, you authorize us to charge the order to the Payment Account or to otherwise immediately bill you for such Paid Services. You acknowledge and agree that unless otherwise expressly stated in the order process or otherwise changed afterwards in accordance with the applicable process, all annual, monthly or other recurring Fees related to the Paid Services or otherwise referenced in this Agreement are to be recurring transactions that will be billed on an ongoing basis until such Paid Services are terminated in accordance with this Agreement. If you have provided billing information sufficient for automatic billing, then we will bill you automatically in accordance with the applicable billing frequency. You are obligated to pay for the full amount of the Fees, even if such full amount is scheduled to be paid in installments. If you elect to pay for the Paid Services in installments, provided such a payment schedule is expressly permitted and accepted by us, all installments must be received on or before the applicable due date.

You agree to pay all Fees and other charges incurred in connection with your Payment Account (including, but not limited to, any applicable taxes) at the rates in effect when the charges were incurred. You agree to pay all amounts due upon our demand. Without limiting any of Investing Insider’s rights hereunder, should any Fee payment become delinquent, we may suspend or cancel your Paid Services; provided, however, related charges will continue to accrue. You acknowledge and agree that Investing Insider is not responsible whatsoever for any effect the suspension of Paid Services might have on you or any third party. If Investing Insider provides any service discount to you and you default on payments or obligations as outlined herein, Investing Insider may rescind all discounts and require full payment for the Paid Services. All sums due and payable that remain unpaid after any applicable cure period herein will accrue interest as a late charge of 1.5% per month or the maximum amount allowed by law, whichever is less. Investing Insider further reserves the right to refer any amounts owed hereunder to a third party for collection in the event of default. In the event your account is sent to collection, you agree to pay all costs of collection, including costs, litigation and attorneys’ fees. A collection fee may be charged for all dishonored checks. Moreover, an additional fee may also be assessed for the following reasons: (i) late payment; (ii) payment with insufficient funds; (iii) denied or invalid credit card number; or (iv) the re-starting or reinstating of Paid Services terminated for nonpayment. Investing Insider will re-start or reinstate any such service in our sole and absolute discretion and subject to our receipt of the applicable Fee.

We reserve the right to charge you reasonable “administrative fees” or “processing fees” for: (i) additional tasks we may perform outside the normal scope of the Paid Services; (ii) additional time and/or costs we may incur in providing the Paid Services, and/or (iii) your non-compliance with this Agreement (as determined by us in our sole and absolute discretion). Typical administrative or processing fee scenarios include, but are not limited to, customer service issues that require additional personal time or attention. These administrative fees or processing fees will be billed to the Payment Account you have on file with Investing Insider Publishing Ltd.

Information regarding current subscription rates for our Paid Services can be found on the applicable Paid Service’s webpage and/or by contacting our Customer Service Department at support@investinginsider.com  or 307-275-1030.


Term; Subscription Renewals

Your subscription will continue for the period referenced during registration (the “Term”), and renew automatically at the end of the Term, unless you notify us that you are not renewing your subscription by calling our Customer Service Department at 307-275-1030 or by emailing us at support@investinginsider.com (or other email address we designate) or by another designated cancellation method. You must notify us by using one of the foregoing methods at least one day before the renewal date in order to avoid being charged for the renewal of your subscription. You may not notify us of a decision not to renew your subscription by any other means. No action by you or your failure to notify us as stated above will result in the then-applicable monthly, periodic or annual subscription Fee being billed automatically to your Payment Account. Please note that in connection with recurring billing for subscription renewals for such Paid Services, you authorize Investing Insider to bill the payment method(s) associated with your Payment Account, regardless of whether information associated with your subscription has changed, such as the expiration date of the credit card with which you initially subscribed.

Paid Services to which you subscribe to on a recurring basis will automatically renew on a recurring basis until the Agreement is properly terminated in accordance with its terms. You agree that if you are enrolled in or otherwise utilizing our automatic renewal service, we will attempt to renew your service at some point less than ninety (90) days prior to its expiration with notice to you. You further agree that, to turn off the automatic renewal service for any of your Paid Services, you must contact our Customer Service Department by telephone at 307-275-1030 or by email at support@investinginsider.com. You acknowledge and agree that the renewal price may be higher or lower than the price you paid for the then current term of the Paid Services, and that we are authorized to charge your Payment Account for the renewal of the Paid Services. In any event, you are solely and absolutely responsible for the credit card or payment information you provide to Investing Insider and must promptly inform us of any changes thereto (e.g., change of expiration date or account number). You acknowledge and agree that Investing Insider. may extend the expiration date on your credit card on file with us in order to protect against unwanted expiration of your Paid Services and to allow for the automatic renewal thereof.

In the event that you are not enrolled in our automatic renewal service, or have opted out of the automatic renewal service, and want to renew your Paid Services, you acknowledge and agree you are responsible for actively renewing your Paid Services and you further assume all risk and consequences of not enrolling in the automatic renewal service. If any service is not successfully renewed prior to the expiration of its then current Term, all your rights to such Service will terminate, and we will have no obligation to allow you to renew a service once its expiration date has passed. You are solely and absolutely responsible for ensuring the Paid Services are renewed. We shall have no liability to you or any third party in connection with the renewal as described herein, including, but not limited to, any failure or errors in renewing the Paid Services whether due to you, us or a third party. In order to process a renewal under our automatic renewal service, we may receive information from financial institutions or use third-party vendors for the purpose of updating the expiration date and account number of your credit card or other payment method on file relating to your Payment Account. Such financial institutions and third-party vendors maintain relationships with various credit card issuers and may be able to provide us with the updated information relating to your Payment Account by comparing the information we have on file with the information the financial institution or third-party vendor has on file. By using our automatic renewal service, you acknowledge and agree that we may share your credit card or other payment method information relating to your Payment Account with such financial institutions or third-party vendors for the purpose of obtaining any updates to your credit card expiration date, account number or any other information relating to your Payment Account.


You can cancel your subscription by calling our Customer Service Department at: Investing Insider Publishing Ltd 30 N Gould St, Suite 2737 Sheridan, WY 82801  Tel: 307-275-1030 Email at support@investinginsider.com, or by any other designated cancellation method. You may not cancel a subscription by any other means. If you are entitled to a refund, we will seek to credit your Payment Account within seven to fourteen (7-14) business days following your mandatory notification to us.

If you order any Paid Services by telephone and do not agree to be legally bound by this Agreement at that time, you must notify Investing Insider within seventy-two (72) hours from the time that Investing Insider has sent you an introductory e-mail to your user account e-mail address on record, that you desire to cancel such Paid Services, whereby the Paid Services will be cancelled, and a refund of any payments or Fees already paid to us with respect to the order of the Paid Services will be issued, with no further obligation by either us or you.


If you place an order through our Site, upon confirmation that such order is accepted a contract will be executed between you and Investing Insider which will be governed by the Agreement.


You may use our Site, Services and Materials only for lawful purposes and in accordance with these Terms . By using our Site and Services:

  • you are solely responsible for your interaction with other users of our Services, whether online or offline and for your interaction with Third Party Providers (defined below) referred to in our Site and Services. You agree that neither Investing Insider nor any third party is responsible or liable for the conduct of any user or Third Party Provider. We reserve the right, but have no obligation, to monitor or become involved in disputes between you and other users;
  • you agree that you are solely responsible for all data charges you incur through the use of our Site and Services;
  • you agree not to transmit, or procure the sending of, any advertising or promotional material via our Site or Services without our prior written consent, including any "junk mail", "chain letter" or "spam" or any other similar solicitation;
  • you will not, whether directly or indirectly, use any device, software or routine or otherwise interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of our Site or Services, introduce any viruses, Trojan horses, worms or other materials that are technologically harmful or solicit or otherwise attempt to collect, store or otherwise disseminate passwords;
  • you acknowledge and agree that we do not endorse, nor are we responsible for, any user content or other information submitted, posted or otherwise provided on or through our Site or Services by users; and
  • you agree not to use our Site or Services in any way that violates any applicable federal, state, provincial, local or international law or regulation (including, without limitation, any laws regarding the export of data to and from the United States, Canada or other countries).

These Terms provide only a limited license to access and use the Site, Services and Materials (defined below).  Accordingly, Investing Insider does not transfer any ownership or intellectual property interest or title in and to the Site or Services to you or anyone else in connection with your use of the Site or Services.  All text, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, photographs, sounds, artwork, computer code (including html code), programs, software, products, information, articles, blogs and other documentation as well as the design, structure, selection, coordination, expression, “look and feel”, and arrangement of any content contained on or available through the Site or Services (collectively, the “Materials”) are exclusively owned, controlled or licensed by Investing Insider.

Names, logos, marks, and icons identifying Investing Insider and its products, or services are owned exclusively by Investing Insider, and any use of such marks without the prior express written permission of Investing Insider is hereby expressly prohibited. Other trademarks or service marks identified on or through the Site or Services may be the trademarks or service marks of third parties.  No part of the Site or Services will be construed as granting any license or right to use any trademarks (whether by implication or otherwise), including our trademarks, except with our express written permission or such other party that may be the owner thereof. 

The Materials may be protected under copyright, trademark and other laws of the United States, Canada and other countries, and Investing Insider owns all copyright in the selection, co-ordination, arrangement and enhancement of the Materials. Any use of any of the Materials (whether in whole or in part) is strictly prohibited, except only and to the limited extent expressly permitted above.


For any content that you submit on the Site, Services or through any social media platform we use or through which we make content available, you grant us a, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable right and license to use, copy, modify, delete in its entirety, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, sell or distribute such content or incorporate such content into any form, medium or technology throughout the world without compensation to you.

By submitting content to the Site, Services or through social media, you represent and warrant that you are the sole author and owner of the intellectual property rights in that content and you waive all moral rights in such content.  You must not submit, publish or otherwise disseminate to Investing Insider or through the Site, Services or a social media platform anything which: (i) defames, libels or invades the privacy of any person; (ii) is obscene, pornographic, abusive or threatening; (iii) infringes on any intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity; (iv) has contaminating or destructive properties (i.e. software viruses); (v) violates any law; (vi) advocates or describes any illegal activity; or (vii) advertises or solicits funds for goods or services. We will fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity of anyone posting any such information or materials. We may enforce our rights to the fullest extent of the law should you breach any of these terms and conditions.


Materials provided through our Site and Services may contain links to material and services on third party websites (“Linked Materials” and “Linked Services”). Such Linked Materials and Linked Services are not under our control and we are not responsible for the content of any Linked Materials nor the provision of any Linked Services. The links to other websites are provided for convenience purposes only and we do not purport to sponsor, approve or endorse any of the Linked Materials or the Linked Services.  The third party provider of the Linked Services (“Third Party Provider”) is solely responsible for the Linked Materials and the Linked Services.

Your use of the Linked Services will be subject to and in accordance with the terms of use and privacy policy of the applicable Third Party Provider. Investing Insider does not verify whether any Third Party Provider may legitimately offer the Linked Services nor does Investing Insider investigate the actual provision of the Linked Services. Your only recourse with respect to the Linked Services and the Linked Materials is to the Third Party Provider of those Linked Services or Linked Materials.


The Site, Services and Materials (defined below) are provided for general information only.  Although Investing Insider uses reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the information contained on the Site and Services and in the Materials is accurate, Investing Insider does not warrant or make any representation regarding the accuracy, currency or completeness of any such information. Further, the Site, Services and Materials may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies.  We therefore reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update the Site, Services, Materials or other information at any time without prior or any notice to you.

The Site, Services and Materials are provided “as is”, “where is” and “as available”, without representations or warranties of any kind. TO THE FULL EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, INVESTING INSIDER AND ALL DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES AND AGENTS OF INVESTING INSIDER DISCLAIM ALL REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS WITH RESPECT TO THE SITE, SERVICES AND MATERIALS WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, OR ARISING BY COURSE OF DEALING OR USAGE OF TRADE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES OF TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE.  Without limiting the foregoing, we do not represent or warrant that the Site, Services or Materials are accurate, complete, reliable, useful, timely or current or that the Site or Services will operate without interruption or error.  We assume no responsibility, and are not liable for, any damages to your computer equipment, data or other property on account of your access to, use of, or browsing on the Site, or inability to do any of the foregoing.


Your use of the Site, Services and Materials is at your own risk.  Under no circumstances will Investing Insider, or any directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors and suppliers of Investing Insider, be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages arising out of your access to or use of the Site, Services or Materials, your reliance on the Site, Services and Materials, or any consequences flowing therefrom. THIS LIMITATION OF LIABILITY APPLIES TO ALL LOSSES AND DAMAGES OF ANY KIND (WHETHER GENERAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, EXEMPLARY, PUNITIVE OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOSS OF DATA, INCOME OR PROFITS OR FAILURE TO REALIZE ANTICIPATED BENEFITS), WHETHER BASED IN CONTRACT (INCLUDING FUNDAMENTAL BREACH), TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE), STRICT LIABILITY OR OTHERWISE, EVEN IF WE HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.

If you are dissatisfied with the Site, Services or Materials or with this Agreement, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the Site, Services or Materials, as applicable.


You agree to indemnify and save harmless Investing Insider and all directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors and suppliers of Investing Insider (in this section, "we" and “us”) from and against any claim, cause of action, demand, cost, loss, expense or liability (including without limitation reasonable professional fees) brought against or suffered or incurred by us as a result of your use of the Site, Services or Materials or your breach of the Agreement. When we are threatened with suit or sued by a third party, we may seek written assurances from you concerning your promise to indemnify us; your failure to provide those assurances may be considered by us to be a material breach of the Agreement.


Governing Law and Courts

The Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Wyoming. Any dispute which may arise under the Agreement shall be governed under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Wyoming.

Severability; Waiver

If any provision of the Agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalid, that provision will be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary so that the Agreement will otherwise remain in full force and effect. Our failure to exercise or enforce its rights under the Agreement does not waive our right to enforce such right. Any waiver of such rights will only be effective if it is in writing and signed by us. 

Entire Agreement; Assignment

This Agreement, together with those documents incorporated or referred to herein, constitute the entire agreement between you and us relating to your use of the Site, Services, and Materials, and supersedes any prior understandings or agreements (whether electronic, oral or written) regarding the subject matter. The Agreement may be assigned by us at any time, including to an affiliate or in connection with a sale of all or part of the business or undertaking of Investing Insider. The Agreement is not assignable, transferable or sublicensable by you except with our prior written consent.


We reserve the right to unilaterally update or modify (each, a “change”) the Agreement at any time and from time to time.  We will notify you of any changes to the Agreement by posting notice of such changes on the Site.  You agree that we have this right, and that your continued use of the Site or Services following notice of such change means that you agree to and accept the amendments.


The provisions of Sections 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11, and your payment obligations found in Section 3, will survive termination of the Agreement, howsoever occasioned.


Questions about the Site, Services or Materials, or regarding your rights and responsibilities under the Agreement, can be directed to support@investinginsider.com.

Effective date: 09/23/21.

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